Eter for Mac

New Beta of Eter for Mac

The new beta of Eter for Mac is now available. Let me remind you that this is actually an iOS application that runs in the macOS environment thanks to Catalyst technology.

The latest beta mainly brings minor changes to the code, incl. in the method of generating album pictures.

The new Mac version of Eter should be released before the end of April, when the old version stopped working. Sorry for this two weeks delay. So I decided to extend the validity of the next beta versions for Mac to three months.

Important note regarding the installation of the latest beta of Eter for Mac

I am struggling with a bug reported also by other developers related to database synchronization with iCloud in the case of applications using Mac Catalyst technology. A symptom of this may be that after installing the new version, the program will not start or it will crash on startup. So I recommend a clean installation following these steps:

  • Remove the old version from the Applications folder
  • Remove of the Eter folder from the Library/Containers directory
  • Instal new version of Eter by moving the program to the Applications folder.

To get to the Library/Containers directory, select „Go” from the Finder menu and press the Option key, the menu will display the „Library” option. Then find the Containers directory, open it, search for the „Eter” folder, select it and delete it (ALT + Backspace).

The new beta of Eter for Mac is available here.