Eter for iOS and macOS with station search and other improvements

A new beta of Eter for iOS was released last weekend, and today I’m releasing a new beta for Mac (Catalyst). In both versions, I made some significant changes and added an important feature.

And for you that just discovered Eter. It is a universal app written fully in SwiftUI.

Ether for iOS and macOS now has a station search that uses the Radio Browser API station database. Thanks to this, you can easily find the stations you are interested in.

However, if it is not there, you can still add it manually by entering the name, the stream URL and, optionally, the image URL. In the latter case, it is worth downloading the picture to e.g. Dropbox or your own server and placing it in a publicly available directory so that Eter can load it.

I also changed the way of adding stations to favorites. Now selecting the found station opens it and starts playing the stream. To add it to favorites, tap on the heart icon. You can remove it from your favorites in the same way. This way you can always check if a stream is working before adding it to your own list.

Both versions of Eter (iOS and macOS) use the iTunes API to display covers based on the metadata contained in the stream. Whether a given cover is properly downloaded from iTunes depends largely on what is in the above-mentioned metadata. And so some stations add their own phrase to the artist and title. In this case, iTunes is not able to find the cover. On the other hand, other stations, which is common in the case of movie soundtracks, give only the title and name of the song, such as e.g. Hans Zimmer – the author of music for many different movies – almost every album with a soundtrack has the song „Main Titles” or ” End Titles ”. In this case, the first cover from the list returned by iTunes is displayed, which sometimes causes that the song „Main Titles” from the movie „Blackhawk Down” displays the cover of the album with the soundtrack to the movie „Dunkirk” (where Hans Zimmer also composed the song under this much significant title).

Finally, the version for macOS (Catalyst) has a slightly changed interface. The list headers are smaller, and the gaps between individual items in the list are also smaller. There is also a heart in the lower right corner for adding or removing from favorites.

The latest beta Eter for Mac runs until March 31, 2021. You can download it HERE.

An invitation to the beta test of Ether for iOS / iPadOs in TestFlight.